Do not stop

It is not easy.. I know.. But you need to hold on. Be brave enough to stay alive.. and keep breathing even though it is hard.. Do not despair, do not worry too much This too shall pass You will be proud someday because of your choice to hang on a little bit more today.. […]

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Angin bertiup sepoi-sepoi. Kami duduk diam di pinggir pantai. Sudah hampir setengah jam tak satupun memulai percakapan. Saya menghela nafas panjang. Meliriknya yang terpaku pada lautan luas yang terhampar didepan kami. Setelah sekian tahun, batin saya, kenapa baru sekarang? Dia tiba-tiba menatap saya. Lalu tersenyum. “Kamu baik-baik saja?” Ujarnya pelan. Saya mengangguk. “Ok.” Jawab saya […]

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Dear L

Hi, how are you? I am great. Just a bit exhausted with life. Nothing much. Rite? I wish you have a happy life. Wherever you are. I am back in town. And I smell the familiarity. Strange.. But somehow I feel you in every step. I know. I shouldn’t. I just can’t resist the temptation. […]

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Happy birthday.. L

Hi.. L Happy birthday.. It was too late a bit.. sorry.. I wish I can forget, But I do remember every little thing.. still.. I thought I said my final good bye But why my heart still ache every single time you showed up in my dream.. That even after all this time, I am […]

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