Dear L

How’s life? I hope your days full of joy and happiness. I really do. I miss you a lot. In fact, I saw you again in my dream last night. With the smile that I recognized in your face. And the warmth of your hand hold mine. I do not know why you came to […]

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To my younger self

I just want you to know that it is ok to make mistakes. It is ok to say that you do not know anything instead of making excuse that will embarrassed you for life. Be brave for every fall you will rise, for all the down you will be able to get up again. You […]

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A wall

I will stay behind the wall Be a shadow as I used to be Let the curtain down And walk away from me I will be fine No need to worry I have been living like this for almost forever Nothing is easy but that how’s my life might be Shall I run away, shall […]

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Maybe I am just tired.. With life And imagining things that basically not true Maybe.. I am just making a wrong move.. and interpreting things as I wish.. That is.. completely the opposite And I feel hurt when it is different I feel betrayed But in fact I was wrong from the beginning It was […]

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Somehow.. I can sense that someone are not interested enough.. And it affect me in ways.. I became uninterested as well I became more reserved I became annoyed I keep distance And eventually.. I disappeared.. I feel like I am the one who lost But can not I blame them because their behaviour affect me […]

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