Just fine..

And here I am.. Freaking out. Again. Panicking on something unnecessary. I know. I know. I have been complaining. A lot. But you know that when you reach this front page.. don’t you? And why you’re still reading this? You are free to leave anytime.. why you are here? Anyway.. I have been over thinking […]

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Trust Issue

I have trust issue… And when it arose, I hate myself to the max. I hate why I trust them in the first place I hate why I can not trust them anymore I hate why I behave like I did Maybe.. That is how I eventually lose friends And I hate it so much […]

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Not only once. I give myself a chance so many times already. Yet. It failed me. Drop me to the rock bottom. How can I trust people, now? I lost count on how many times people deceived me. And it bothered me. Deep down I knew that people are not trustworthy. And I hate to […]

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It is bothering me that I always find a way to look up to you It is bothering me that I miss everything about you It is bothering me that I can not be with you because I choose to let you go It is bothering me that I always had this intention in my […]

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Cried a little

Maybe too much. Just like every time I remember the things that hurt.. I cried.. The things that touched my heart.. I cried.. An honest affection make me cry too I am a cry baby Every little touch make me cry

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